Your not alone 

By Madelyn Sweet

Once, a long time ago in a land that was all grey, there was no sunshine, and there in that town was a boy named Wolfgang. He wanted more than just black and white. He wanted color. He wanted light! But it never came… until one day…  a forever friend appeared. 

Off to school

Wolfgang woke up on a Monday morning by a crow squawking, normally how he wakes up in the mornings.

He looks out his bedroom window hoping for some light of sunshine, but no. Cloudy. But he always knows that the sun won’t be gone for long (He hopes).

Wolfgang runs down the stairs with his leather book bag his mother stitched up for him. With some holes that were filled with fabric from his old shirts. He came down the stairs and grabbed his lunch that his mother already made for him. “Thanks mom.” he said with a big smile. His mom didn’t smile back, she just said “Get to school, and after school come straight back. No dilly dallying.” she said, but Wolfgang’s smile did not come off his face. “Yup got it!” he said and closed the door. His smile never came off his face, because his town was not the brightest town to live in, so he needed to make balance in the land, to make sure everybody knows that there is still sun under the clouds.

NOT a co-ed school

Wolfgang walked along the side of the street smiling at every person he walked by, trying to see if anyone would smile back. No one did, everyone looked miserable. Mad. Like everyone was upset at him for being… well… him. He just wants people to be happy in life. And if he can’t do it… who can?

Wolfgang got to school and made his way to his coat hanger when he saw a kid sitting on the steps of the door next door. He looked around and then walked over to the kid.

“Hey,” he said looking at the kid. The kids face was in the shadows of the hood on the kids head. Wolfgang knelt down next to the kid. Trying to see under the hood. “Umm… Aren’t you supposed to be in school?” he said looking at the clock of the tower, only 3 minutes until the bell is going to ring. “Oh no…” Said the kid as she lifted her hood, she had her hair in a bun and strands of loose hair hanging over her ears on the side of her eyes. “Girls aren’t allowed in school.”

The un-rumor

“I can’t believe it!” Said my friend Leo, he was in my school with me because this school is NOT co-ed, meaning in this town girls aren’t allowed in school. Only in some towns are girls allowed to be in school with boys.

“You actually met a girl!” My other classmate said, Conner. Yeah, not one boy has met a girl in this class except for their mom or sister or relative. So that means the thing with me meeting a girl is kinda going around.

“Boys, Boys! It’s nothing… I mean come on! She lives in the house next door.” I Lied, I had no idea where she lived, I barely even knew her!

“Class, class.” My teacher said as he walked in. We all walked over to our desk and began the pledge. But I wasn’t focused on the pledge. I was lost in thought, I wonder, I thought  If I’m gonna be the first person to make friends with her, I mean, having a girl as a friend would be nice after all, It wouldn’t hurt anyone if I made a new friend. I’m gonna make her a friend if it’s the last thing I do.

Meeting Marie

After school I began to go home, but then I saw the girl Walking down an old valley. I looked around and without hesitating or even thinking I began to walk after her, she stopped at the end of the valley where the fence was blocking the other side. But that didn’t stop her, she got over it in a breeze, she jumped on the wall of the building and parkoured over the fence.

I looked at the fence’s height and my mouth dropped. I couldn’t possibly get over the fence! So I got the boxes that were on the ground and piled them up and climbed up and over the fence to the other side where I’ve never been before. And I saw the girl on a tree swing on a hill and I went over to her.

“Umm… Hello.” I said as she jumped off the swing and grabbed a stick that was on the ground and faced me with fear in her eyes.

“Why did you follow me, Go home boy you have no right to be here. I-If My m-mother sees me talking to you She’ll- she’ll freak out!” she said looking at her house down the hill making sure no one is seeing her do this.

“My name is Wolfgang,” I said backing up “I was the boy who talked to you today.” The girl’s eyes calmed down and she dropped the stick and she came closer to me. “Are- are you the boy people keep saying is ‘too happy’.” she said

“Ummm… well… maybe?” I said. Being half honest and half confused. “Wait, people are mad that I am happy? That’s just wrong.” I said shaking my head.

“Well… good to know you Wolfgang. I’m Marie” she said smiling, then something rushed through me. Like I was in a love trance, that feeling I felt that was happiness, joy and one last thing, what was it? He watched her run down the hill with her hair now out of the bun and flying loose, then the bell on the church rang. 4:30.

“Oh shucks! I’m supposed to be home right now!” Then I ran down the hill and hurdled the fence with no time to stop and see how in the world I did that, and booked it home and hopped on a passing horse and carriage and prayed that nothing bad would happen to him once his mother finds out that he was following a girl home.

Another lie

I got home and threw my bag on the floor and tried to sneak out the door but mother came down.

“Where were you Dearest? Oh I was worried sick! You didn’t come straight home you bad boy.” She said looking at me with fierce eyes. “What took you so long to come home?”

Oh boy, this is gonna be bad I thought.

“What did you do?”

“I saw this girl before school, and after I followed her, she’s really nice, and I came straight home after I met her. Honestly, she is exactly like me, she smiles all the time, her laugh must be like an angel, and She is really strong and brave. I didn’t mean for it to be long, I just wanted to be the first in my class to meet a girl.” That last part was wrong, later that night I noticed that the feeling I had after I met her and saw her running down the hill, I noticed that feeling was love, joy, because I finally found a person who was as happy as me, and I finally found out that not all of the town was grey, there was some sunshine, I could feel it, I know it’s true, that Me and Marie can be happy together, all of us could be happy together, even when there is no sunshine in the whole, wide, land.


I woke up in the night around midnight, To a voice coming from outside. I looked out the window looking into the forest across the field. Nothing. But as I turned around a light showed through the trees, A torch being held by a figure that could not be seen. I couldn’t see it clearly but I could hear it. The singing figure had the voice of an angel! But right when I was about to call back, The light was moving far into the woods.

I threw on my jacket without even thinking, I laced up my boots and tip toed down the stairs. At the end of the stairs it hit me, WHAT AM I DOING? I thought I’m gonna get killed! By either a predator or my mother when she figures out I have escaped to follow something again. But even though I could be in soooo much trouble, I followed it anyway, leaving all of my fears behind to follow my heart.

The girl under control

“Hello?” I said as I entered the dark forest. The wind howled in my ears and made my face numb and made me shiver and my teeth chatter.

“Hello!?” I yelled as the flame of the torch stopped in its tracks and turned around and was heading towards me. I turned to run but a stone grew from the ground making me stop. I turned and saw the black figure a foot in front of me.

My breath grew in sharp gasps as the figure made its way towards my face, I backed up till my back hit the stone and I looked upon the dark figure as it reached out it’s hand and took mine pulling me further into the woods to a hill with a tree, and a swing.

“Who…” I started to say “Who are you?” The creature was silent. That question was the worst, I knew the answer, But I felt like I needed to hear it from her. But nothing came.

“Who are you?” I said again.

“I am not who you think I am.” Said Marie But her voice was soft like she was going to wake someone if she did.

“What do you mean?”

“Wolfgang, there are some things you don’t know about me.”

“What things?”

“I have powers.” she said looking at her hands. “To control the earth.” she said looking at one hand. “And to control feelings” She said looking at the other.

“That’s why I’m…” she started, but then her voice choked. 

“Your what?” I asked, looking at her glowing hands.

“I’m Bad, I’m a Bad guy.” she said as tears came down her face.

“No you’re not.” I said trying to comfort her,  we sat down on top of the hill in the moonlight, in silence. “Why do you say you’re bad?” I whispered, trying not to break the silence too much.

“Once I tried to change someone’s feelings about everything.” she said looking at her hands. “But it backfired.” I was shocked, I was speechless.

“Who did you… you know.” I said looking at the full moon.

“My mum,” she said “I tried to make her happy, but she got mad and…” she trailed off. “She did something she would regret for the rest of her life.” 

“Tell me.”

“She left me… That building down there is and orphanage, And I’m the only one there, everyone else is happy with family while I’m-”

“Alone.” I say finishing her sentence,

“And ever since she left and my father divorced… I never felt so alone.” I looked at her.

“You’re not alone.” I said taking her hand

 She looked at me and looked down at her hand. “Neither are you.” she replied looking into the  sunrise with a smile.


My first sunshine

I squinted my eyes when I woke up to a bright light outside, At first, I couldn’t believe it, then I noticed it had to be true! 

The sun shone through the clouds in the sky, the clouds slowly vanished and let the sun light up the land. Everyone was out of their houses looking at the bright miracle that happened today.

I ran down the stairs to see my mom standing in the kitchen  with a smile on her face.

“ Come here my young man!” she said, opening her arms. I ran to her and hugged her.

“ It’s a miracle.” she whispered.

“I know,” I said back to her with my own bright smile on my face.

“Off you go now, go to school and after-”

“Come right back.” I said finishing her sentence

“No sweetheart, spend some time with your friends. It’s a beautiful day, the only one that we had in years, go play on this beautiful day, it might be the only one.”

“Thanks mum.” I said grabbing my bag and lunch and running out the door to the newly grown flowers, taking some to school to give to my classmates. This day can’t get any better that it is now!!  

It just got better

I walked to school with Leo and Connor, I knew them best so I thought it would be good to be friends with them, because everyone is happy today, and it’s a good day to make friends.

While I was walking and talking to Leo and Connor I smiled at everyone Because it was a habit. But today everyone smiled back, today was a really great day, with friends and smiles and sunshine. Even though this day couldn’t get any better, just one change was missing from the puzzle, And I couldn’t find it.

As me and my friends got nearer and nearer to school, we all felt a sudden force, telling us that something has changed in school, we came to the steps of the school when we heard it, laughter, I never heard such a joyful sound in my life, And laughter is never heard in school.

Me and my friends walk in right when the teacher walks in. We quickly take our seats and begin the pledge.

After the pledge the teacher told us a wonderful surprise.

 “Class, we have a new student today.” the room was silent.

“Actually, we have a couple of new students today.” he opened the door and let 7 new desks come in.

“Welcome to the class, the first ever girls in the Bowdoinham Jefferson school, welcome in: Jane, Sammy, Sarah, Judith, Lesley, Maddy and Marie. Welcome ladies!” He said as the girls took their seats at the desks the people moved in.

Marie sat in the seat behind me as I looked at her with a smile, she smiled back and winked, I knew that she did her “magic” and made people think and feel differently about the idea that girls couldn’t be in school.

I was sure that today would be the greatest day of our life.

Years and years and YEARS later.

“Mother?” said Rose, the youngest of her 3 siblings, Jack, the oldest, Layla, the second oldest, Finn the third oldest and then Rose is the youngest, and you guessed it, they are the 4 children of Wolfgang and Marie.

“What is it dear?” Marie said as she picked her up and over the fence to the hill with the swing.

“When am I ever going to school… I want to be with Finn, but he’s always away at school, and I never see him.” said Rose walking up the hill to home. The old orphanage was rebuilt and sold to them for a home.

“You will see him more next year when you are old enough to go to school, you see, Jack is in fifth grade because he’s ten turning eleven, Layla is in fourth grade because she’s nine turning ten next week, Fin is in third grade because he’s eight turning nine and you are going to be in first grade when you are Five turning six.” Marie said looking at Rose.

They have just gone to do some errands and are waiting for the three children to come home.

Rose was on the swing when she saw her siblings and father come running up the hill.

“Finn!” shouted Rose as she jumped off the swing and flew through the air as Finn caught her. 

“Hey Rose, good to be home!” Finn said, giving Rose a piggy back ride. Jack came trotting up the hill after them.

“Where were you?” said Layla as he came panting by her side.

“I was following this girl who looked nice and I wanted to be friends with her because she doesn’t have people to talk to, and to be honest, she’s pretty, and her brownish-Red hair is nice and smooth and she always wears her hair in a bun with strands of hair just off the edge of her ears next to her eyes, she’s the most prettiest girl I’ve ever seen!” he said as Marie looked at Wolfgang.

“You are just like your father.” she says looking him in the eyes with her hands glowing this light pink color and the magic came off her hand and caught wind and landed in Jack’s face. His eyes stared off into the distance in a love trance

“Yep,” said Wolfgang kneeling down on one knee in front of him “Just like me. And some day you are going to follow her, and she’s going to look in your eyes and say ‘I’ve never been so alone’ and you say to her ‘you’re not alone’ and she’s going to say…” he said looking in Marie’s smiling face and eyes. “ ‘Neither are you’. And I’m telling you, you are going to remember that forever because the sun is going to shine every single day, and if it rains, you know that she is going to be with you, and you know there is still sun behind the clouds.”

And Jack remembered his words and the next day followed her, meeting her eyes, saying the same words, falling in love, staying together till the end, and to this day, the family tradition goes on, and these words of “I’ve never felt so alone” and “your not alone” and “Neither are you” still go on, and are called “Love lines” and the family tree of Wolfgang and Marie go on in history, for making the “Love lines,” and for believing that there is still sun under the clouds.






Rey is my role model… Is she yours?

By Madelyn Sweet

What you and other people need to know is that I am now obsessed with Rey. 

Now I’m gonna be honest here, The ninth episode of Star Wars is one of my top favorite movies that I’ve seen… and Rey (if you didn’t know, Rey is the main character) is a very strong and unique character, and probably one of the top strongest Jedi. And to me she is amazing. But many people think that Rey is either weak or stubborn or just not the right person to be around, but what they don’t know is that she’s very kind to her friends and to the people she’s around and she is unbelievably strong, So… I think Rey should be your role model because she is really strong and really brave and she has an amazing personality and last and most importantly she has a checkered past and a very strong future ahead of her.

One reason I think Rey should be your role model is because she is really strong and really brave.

In the 7th Star Wars movie ( The Force Awakens ) when Kylo Ren is interrogating Rey and using the force and forcing her to tell him where the map to Luke skywalker is, she is resisting it and that really REALLY shows how strong she is. 

Also, in The  Force Awakens when Finn is knocked out by Kylo Ren, Rey goes against Kylo ren and that takes a lot of bravery and force. And I think she must be strong with the force because she is really getting Kylo Ren good.

In The Last Jedi,  Rey stands up against Snoke and says “You underestimate Skywalker, and Ben solo and me… It will be your downfall.” Oh! Such bravery and strength in this Jedi. No wonder why she is such an AMAZING character.

This shows that Rey has a lot of bravery and strength in her.

Another reason I think Rey should be your role model is because she has an amazing personality.

When it comes to Star Wars, Rey is absolutely a big character, but what most stands out about her is her character/personality. 

Rey has a strong personality and she is very loyal to her friends and isn’t afraid to go against the first order, But Rey does have some stubbornness because people keep calling her weak or nothing or just a scavenger girl and that get’s her upset because those people might not even know her, and their saying that she’s weak because she’s a scavenger? One that’s not right, and two I would be upset if people just said I was weak for my appearance. Would you? 

But she is also a little stubborn because Rey grew up alone, and she couldn’t see herself in this position. Ever. so I can feel the pressure she must have. 

Rey is also very kind to her friends and to the people of her galaxy, her heart is full of kindness and caring, but is hard on people when it is needed. If Rey is ever mad at someone, it’s because her heart is in the right place.

But also Rey is optimistic, she is excited to know her future and wants to know her place in all this, she has a very hard past and wants to have the rest of her life to be as best as possible, to make up for the rough past she has been through.

This shows that Rey has an amazing personality.

And last and most important reason that Rey should be your role model is because of her checkered past and strong future ahead of her.

Rey had a very interesting past and I am Itching to know the answer to her question “where do I belong?”

In the beginning of The Force Awakens, the first time we see Rey, we see that she is a scavenger, then once she is back at her “house” we see tally marks showing how long her parents were away. And that just makes you think about her past, tough and hard living, because her parents left her to keep her safe at a very young age. And she lived alone. Not knowing what her future is going to be, and wanting more than just sorrow and loneliness. Rey wanted light and joy in her future, unlike her past.

In The Rise Of Skywalker she finally, FINALLY, figured out where she belonged, Rey belonged as a jedi with the resistance and with her friends, and she is known as (SPOILER ALERT!!) A Skywalker. (Because she didn’t want to be out of a sith name, Palpatine.)

This shows that Rey had a very tough past and a strong future ahead of her. 

When I was little I dreamed of having someone important to watch over me, and for me to care about, And then when Rey came along my dream came true, I think this is important because Rey is a character that takes chances, never gives up, got your back, makes you feel safe, she saves galaxy’s! But more importantly, she cares for her friends. This is why I think Rey should be your role model because she is very strong and very brave, she has an amazing personality and last and most importantly she has a very checkered past and a strong future ahead of her.  And if you don’t think a caring, smart and brave Jedi isn’t a good role model for you… then I don’t know what is.   😀  🙂


Camp pine moose

Trapped on a island 

By Madelyn Sweet

“HUH HAAA!” I sighed sitting around the campfire. My name is Lesly and this is the camp I stay at every summer break. This is camp pine moose. A camp in Maine that is located right next to Acadia national park. This is the place where we are surrounded by pine trees and the summer breeze. This is the place to be.

My other cabin mates were sitting spread out around the campfire. To be honest, even though we have been together in this cabin every year since I was in kindergarten, the only person I really talk to was Christa, my best friend.

And still today, I haven’t talked to them a lot, and we share the same cabin so it’s CRAZY.

“Hey Lesly.” said Christa. She and I go to the same school and have been going here since the beginning of time. But this is the first time we get to go to islands outside the camp premises. Tomorrow my cabin gets to go in a big paddle boat and go downstream until we get to an island.

“I can’t wait to go exploring with our counselor out on the lake! You know how she is terrified of the water, especially  leeches.” Christa said as she put a marshmallow on her stick.

“Yeah,” I said looking up at the stars “I bet it’s going to be great.”

The next morning I woke up and saw blue skies and puffy white clouds and the sun shone through the trees without a sign of bad weather.

After I woke up I went to the wild hall. The wild hall is where all the campers eat their meals.

I’m always one of the first ones there. I call this “First dibs” because I get the best fruit, not the ones with bruises in them. After my breakfast everyone was waking up and getting their meals and this is my opportunity to get dressed. Two layers of shirts, sweatpants and most importantly my aqua shoes.

After my cabin got breakfast and dressed in some lake clothes, me and the counselor and my cabin all went down to the docks to get to the boat.

As soon as we got out of the camp premises our counselor started to get antsy. Some of us laughed but I thought that was just sad. Our counselor is doing this for us even if it means having to go on the lake.

Then suddenly we went into a deep fog making it so we can’t see anything in front of us that is at least three feet ahead of us. “It’s okay everyone.” said Maggie (Counselor) Even though she was just as scared as we were, more actually, because we are not scared of the water.

Hours past and we were still on the water. Then Maggie had enough, She turned around and took the paddles and just as her paddles touched the water we hit some sand and we all got out and started to pull the boat to shore.

“Well we got to some shore out of the camps premises!” Said Maggie “But I just don’t know where.” She said and she put her hands on her hips and looked at the fog.

“Well, I guess this is where we camp and then we can just go upstream back to camp tomorrow when the fog clears out.” Said one of the campers and then Maggie turned and started towards the boat. 

“Come on girls, Help me get all this to where we want to pitch camp.” she said as she hoisted the tent onto her shoulder.

After we helped build the jumbo tent, we gathered some firewood.

Me, Christa and the C.I.T (Maple) went into the forest that was on this island and noticed that this island is small. But enough with the smallness. We don’t know where we are and that’s a big problem.

We got back to camp and the others already built a campfire base. Maggie lit the fire and popped out a bag of marshmallows.

“The chickadee cabins tradition is to have marshmallows on the island we land on,” said Maggie and then to our surprise Maple got out a guitar. “It’s also a tradition to sing campfire songs.” She said as she started to play ‘Sweet Caroline’ and we all knew it by heart. And then she played my favorite songs ‘count on me’ and then ‘Baby don’t worry about a thing’ Even though those weren’t campfire songs I still liked these the best. And I think we all did. Because it’s telling us that at the scariest of times or the scariest thing that happens out here, we will still be together. And at the end of the song we all went into the tent and in our sleeping bags and Once I dozed off I already knew that every little thing was gonna be alright.

In the morning, I woke up to a cloudy sky, Not a good sign. And at that moment, lightning shot itself across the sky and once it stopped a big boom went to my ears. My eyes widened. Everyone else in the tent jumped awake when the next lightning bolt shot across the sky. I got inside the tent and jumped under the covers.

“OH NO!” shouted Maggie as she got up and looked at the water.

“The boat! Everyone out! Help me pull it up!” She said as we ran beside her all the way to the seashore.

Once we got there the rain was already pouring, we looked at the boat, or what was left of it.

“Oh no,” Christa whispered as she came to my side. Only pieces of the Boat were on shore being swayed by the waves. Maggie knelt down to her knees and grabbed the pieces and looked at Maple and Maple said “She has been with us for many years, Maggie.”

“I’m not worried about that,” Maggie replied “Boss is gonna kill me.”

We went back to the tent and waited for the rain to clear out. I got dressed into dry clothes and everybody followed. 

“Let me get this straight,” said Christa breaking the silence, All eyes were on her. “So we went on a boat and got lost in the fog and got stuck on a deserted island and neither of us even got the slightest thought of tying up the boat?!” None of us spoke, She got a point there I thought sinking into the sleeping bag.

“Now that I think of it.” Said Katelyn (Another camper) “We can’t just sit around, we got a job to do!” She said standing and pumping her fist in the air.

“Yeah, Sitting around won’t get the job done!” Said Christa

“Whoever is with us say Aye!” I shouted, now standing with the rest of the campers.

“AYE!” Said the rest of the campers as we all put our hands in for a chickadee cabin cheer.

“GOOOO CHICKADEES!” We all said as we all left the tent to get to work on a new boat.

We had a couple of problems on the way, Once we bumped into a snake and then the first boat we built sank and the biggest problem was the rain.

“Me and Katelyn and Lesly are going to look for some material in the woods.” said Maggie as I followed her. We looked for even the slightest bit of material but when we thought all was lost, I saw in the corner of my eye a big blue cylinder shape.

“Wait Girls.” I said looking towards the cylinder shape. I went over to it and the other two followed. As I got closer to it I noticed what it was. Big empty jugs.

I gasped, “This is amazing.” I said “We can totally use these to help make the boat float!” I said as Me, Katelyn and Maggie lifted the jugs and carried it to the boat.

“Were saved!” said all the campers when we walked out of the forest with the jugs. There were 8 jugs but this was only the first round so all the others helped us carry the rest.

Once we got the rest, we set to work. Putting the jugs on the sides and then tying them to the boat with some rope and (sadly) the strings on our shoes.

“Too bad I didn’t think to bring rope.” Said Maggie

“Too Bad You didn’t think to tie the boat down.” Whispered Christa as she nudged my arm with her elbow.

We got the jugs and got the boat in the water then we climbed in. We all held our breath once the last person came into the boat. Nothing. The boat is floating.

“YAAAY!” We all shouted as Maggie got out a contractible shovel from her bag and used it as a paddle.

“Hey tacomonusuwalky! Swish.” Said Maggie as she paddled the boat. This was a sailing song that a certain tribe sang when they went canoeing. And we all sang it when we went canoeing.

I joined in, and soon all of us were singing the song and paddling with our hands.

As soon as we reached the sign that said “Pine moose ahead” We all cheered. We were all back, like all the years before.

As Soon as we got to the dock we hid the boat in the bushes. And headed up to our cabins.

We Got back to our cabin and talked all about it, About the thunder and the fog and everything, and then Maggie said “Okay, okay settle down we all just lived it.” she said sitting on her bed. As we calmed down, Maggie said “Now, what was your favorite part?” 

Everybody said theirs but when it was my turn to speak, mine was the best of all. “My favorite part was knowing that we all had the same experience that we were planning,” I replied “The people before us went on an island and had marshmallows and slept and woke up and came back, But the thing that was special about this trip was that it was different, in a good way, we were connected to nature and using what the environment provided and I bet that none of the campers before us slept with a smile on their faces or even worked together to help build a boat, and I know that for a fact because that boat wouldn’t be here for that trip down. So that’s all that mattered to me, was that we did the traditions and a little bit more.” I knew that mine was the best because everybody was silent. But not for long because Christa said “I agree, that was my favorite too.” and then all the campers started agreeing too, I blushed. 

And then the intercom went off and said that it was time for lunch. Me and my cabin were more connected now and Katelyn finally didn’t run ahead of us, we all stayed together and talked together and sat together. And I knew something inside us changed that day, something magical, something that brought us together, and that makes us the chickadee cabin. 🙂 😀

Sincerely Madelyn Sweet 😀 





By Madelyn Sweet

Birds are a very Great topic to talk about, But people tend to ask ‘Why do they fly away from us?’ And in my research I found out that they don’t trust us.

Later in the book you will find out some facts about birds and things I have researched. So dive deep into this book to find out.


Table of contents

  1. Bird facts
  2. Parenting
  3. Bird nest
  4. Conclusion


Bird facts

According to my research most birds communicate By sounds. But some communicate by their colors. The type of birds that can grip and hold a perch are normally the ones that can call other birds of their species, But without their call they are hidden and you can’t see them, so the males have brightly colored feathers so the female can see them during mating season.

Another fact that I studied was that the birds’ ancestors were the dinosaurs, the dinosaurs evolved feathers, not to fly but to keep themself warm like the penguins, so one species survived the K/T extinction and laid eggs like doves, doves and penguins. And the reason that modern birds don’t have heads like a dinosaur is because they evolved over the years and look like the normal birds we see today.



All birds have their ways to attract mates and that’s something I did not need to look up. All animals need to get mates somehow! Even humans do. (Not mates But a love.)

But a thing that I researched was how they do parenting.

A lot of birds work together to raise their young like the cardinals and most species. But some only have one parent taking care of the young and some parents don’t take care of them at all! For example the malleefowl in Australia lays its eggs in some rotting patches of vegetarian that contains heat so after that the offspring are off on their own!

But one species such as the cuckoo lays its eggs in another bird’s nest like an orphanage and then the other bird’s mom takes care of the other birds young till they are ready to leave.

The ways that parents take care of young in the animal kingdom are very surprising.


Bird Nests

All birds Build nests because they need them for a home. But they don’t build them on a regular basis. Birds build nests to raise their young in a warm safe place. The birds don’t have feathers till they are 10 weeks or so. So their parents have to build a warm and comfortable place to make them warm such as nests.

Most people think birds build nests out of twigs but they also use other material like mud and leaves and one type of bird like the engineering bird builds their nest out of mud and roots and they make a mud and root ball in the tree and they build it all around them. (And it looks so cool!)

But some birds like the peacock and all the other big animals that can’t go in trees build their nests on the ground in areas that have tall grass and people can’t see them.

(Those birds are sneaky.)



Now that’s all in the big book of birds! Now you know all about how birds are parents, some unusual facts and all about bird nests! Thank you so much for reading this book and reading all my others. Thank you again!








Day #1 Thoughts By Madelyn

It’s not really the way I expected, Having school at home feels weird. Never really thought that having school at home would be this weird. I thought that homeschooling would be fun but it’s more like boring. Having your Mom teach you the hard stuff is not really fun in my opinion.

Me and my brother fight a lot! He’s getting on my nerves. Teenagers, Never want a older brother teenager and there is no more school for the rest of the year so I have to spend my year with him. Anyway, It’s gonna be a long time before I see my friends again. It’s gonna be forever before I’m gonna have to go on the bus and way past forever when I am not alone.

Yep, I said it, no more school for the rest of the year. I don’t know but we might still have a little bit of school but yeah, not up for it, Having to be with my brother for the rest of the year and never see my fourth and fifth grade friends again. Maybe, I’m not sure yet.

I’m never gonna get along with my brother. And even if the school year is canceled, I’m not gonna even pretend to be his best friend, we never get along.

My friends are way better to talk to and play with because my brother only wants to “Check his Instagram” And “Check his Snap chat” and he knows I don’t have a phone and he always says “Get a phone and a google account” and all that stuff and I don’t need a phone to have a life. And my brothers words of “play” is wrestle each other like cats and dogs and fight with these light up sticks called “Light sabers” like star wars characters. No thank you.

I really want to see my homeroom again and see all of my friends. I can’t wait till this is all over and I can just have fun with my friends without having to be on a phone and without having to be six feet apart.


Hey dude! Homeschooling is going well but is very boring! I can’t stand having no one to play with except my brother. He’s kind of a lot of Annoying! For example, I was rolling a snowball that was about the size of a bolder and I got my feet stuck under it and I could not get it out from under it and he just stood there for like five minuets and was not even helping me! But that’s nothing compared to what he has done in the past.

Anyway, home schooling is going well but it’s terribly boring. If I could make a wish it would be that the corona virus goes bye bye so the school can go back on, and the people who have it don’t have it anymore. Won’t that be something.

the thing that is entertaining me most is the school work. That’s technically what I do all day! Seriously. I have a whole lot of work!

I hope I can see you again before the school year is over! And I hope you and your family is fine.

Your classmate

Madelyn 😀


To think of this in a creepy way, I walked down the hallway one last time without even knowing it.

I really don’t like this! Some people love it!  Some people even say homeschooling was their dream!  Not for me.

The first time my mom talked about homeschooling I thought it would be like me and my brother when we were younger, playing school from one class to another. But no.  Now that I’m stuck what seems like forever, I’m getting another look about what homeschooling is really like.

I like school, especally now. Kids should respect school because one that’s where your friends are! Two it’s the best place to learn with focus and three it’s way better than homeschooling!

One reason you should like school is that school is where your friends are!  It’s an honor to have friends. And the best place to make them is school! Because once you make one You would stay with them and also you are at school every day and you see them all the time like recess and lunch and specials and motor break and in class and so on!

Another reason you should like school is because it’s the best place to learn. For example without school honestly I would not know how to read! or write. And also in school I cam focus way better! At home I can’t focus very well… mostly because of my cat.  One time I did a challenge of how long I can stay focused at home and believe me! It was only a couple of minuets!

Last reason is school is and I quote WAY BETTER than homeschooling! For example I have to be on my school page at home! I would really like it if I could only be on school page at school. And leave home to be a place to rest from school. But now home is school and that ruins having freedom from school! Even though I love school I like being home too.

And that’s why you should like school Because that’s where your friends are, Because it’s the best way to learn with focus and last it’s way better than home schooling!  That’s why kids should like and respect our school! ;D


Kindness. Is a weapon. IS the weapon to heal, to heal feelings in the world, to heal not just people who need it, but the people you least expect. You are in the world, so use this time you have to give kindness to everyone. It heals the person that is most powerful. The person who has the greatness to be respected. But you don’t know, that person may have respect, but that person may need help finding their own personality, and not being who the people expect them to be. Kindness is the key to having great friendships. If you are mean then people may not like you. You might get a wrong friendship. You might get a friend who turns on you when you least expect it. And that is a wrong friendship. A person that turns on you for no reason at all. So if you look back at the times when you had each other you may see times when you could have and should have been more kinder to them. You could see in their eyes that they needed that kindness from you. And if you gave it to them you could have them right now. So if they are gone right now at least say sorry for being a bad friend but not in text, in person. That’s the best way to get them back.    So give kindness to the people who need it and to people just normally because if you do you can heal the powerful, and have your true friend stay by your side for wherever you may go.


I like the memory of the winter carnival. I liked playing with my friends on a chilly winter day. I also liked cheering on my friends in capture the flag when I was in jail. Cheering on my team made me feel all good inside.  And also it gave me attention from my teammates so they came over to set me free But that dose not matter.

I also liked the winter solstice. I liked how we came together as a school and sang songs together showing the other schools that we are a team! And we may not be better than them but we are there for each other as a school! And as a school we have caring, focus, responsibility, and most importantly we have each other. If one falls we don’t fall we make them stronger and if one stands we all stand. And we stand for our school. And we stand for BOWDOINHAM!



My Special person is my best friend Lily H.  She is always there for me and is my best friend. Even though we have a lot of differences  we are still able to get along.

I care for her and so far she cares for me. She is the best and is always there for me. For example when I’m having trouble playing a part in band, I call her up and she is there for me.

Another reason Lily is so special to me is because I can trust her and talk about stuff in life and she keeps that secret. I know by now that she trusts me and I trust her. I guess that’s how friends work.

Last reason is that she never turns on me.  She sometimes hides secrets from me for my own good she is thinking about my feelings. But she ends up telling me anyway because I really want her to because I know I can handle it. I guess that’s how friendship works.   I can’t wait to see her again! 😀